Enable Consultation b/w doctor and patient using zoom

The existing setup:-
We are using zoom to enable consultation b/w doctor and patient. We use Calendly for slot management. We have integrated Calendly with the Zoom account of respective doctors. Whenever a patient books a slot ( using Calendly ), a new zoom meeting link is generated. The zoom link is made available to patients in our mobile app and the patient joins the consultation using that link using the Zoom app.

What we want moving ahead:
We want the consultations to happen within our mobile app developed using the Flutter framework.
Few queries:

  1. As of now we purchase premium Zoom accounts for all the doctors. It is too costly. Can we just buy premium account on a organizational level and then use the same account for as many doctors we want and zoom charges us for the duration of meetings rather than number of users?
  2. Can we integrate zoom into our flutter mobile app so that the patients get more better experience while using our app?