App to allow paid meetings via third party payment providers šŸ’³

Recently, we got many requests from our customers to add third party payment providers integration into meetings via marketplace app. (Currently the only option for hosts to get paid for their content is via Webinar add-on).

I would like to make sure that this type of app stands with zoom guidelines and rules and there is no problem with your business model. Just afraid that you will reject my app because of that so prefer to ask before finish the development.

Thanks :slight_smile: :pray:

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Hey @yuval, good idea checking - In my understanding, this use case is definitely valid within the Marketplace. There will of course still be functional testing and a submission review process in which the reviewers may bring up any issues with the app. Iā€™d read and reference our Marketplace Developer Agreement for full guidance.

For reference, Calendly will allow you to accept payment in exchange for an available calendar slot, then schedule a corresponding Zoom meeting. There is no inherent problem with your app also providing this service.

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