How do I integrate zoom to my telehealth website and app?

We have developed telehealth application in Angular as front-end and .Net as backend. I want to integrate Zoom web conferencing on my website and application for virtual appointments, how would I do that?

In my app we are having list of doctors and patients, we want to generate meeting for one to one means one doctor and one patient. but i checked your api to generate meeting in that we need doctor’s email to generate a meeting and that doctor email should register into our zoom account.

Is it possible to generate zoom meeting for doctor and patient without using doctor email or register email into our zoom account as our meeting is working inside our system. want to generate a meeting only by giving doctor name, patient name and some other text details as a title of meeting.

Please let me know what are the possibilities.

Vaibhav Chaurasiya

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There is a ISV program which might be suitable for your scenario