Is Zoom music mode audio quality from browser microphone in Web App possible?

We are creating a web application, and the audio quality received in zoom room from the browser [Chrome] is extremely compressed and distorted. It is essentially unusable for high fidelity audio reproduction.

The purpose of the application is to broadcast very high audio quality from a user in the browser in our web application into a zoom meeting or webinar. On the user side high quality microphones/gear are always used.

What can be done by the web application developer to enable high quality audio mode in zoom/tweak audio settings? Are there settings to enable original sound/disable echo cancellation/disable compression when broadcasting from the browser? And where are they located? Thank you.

To improve audio quality in a web application when broadcasting into Zoom meetings or webinars, there are a few considerations and settings to explore:

  1. Enable Original Sound: Zoom’s Original Sound feature allows for higher fidelity audio transmission by disabling certain audio processing and enhancements. To enable Original Sound in Zoom, the user hosting the meeting can go to Settings > Audio > Advanced, and then select the option to “Show in-meeting option to ‘Enable Original Sound.’”
  2. Disable Echo Cancellation: Zoom’s built-in echo cancellation feature might unintentionally affect audio quality. To disable echo cancellation, the user hosting the meeting can go to Settings > Audio > Advanced and uncheck the option for “Suppress Persistent Background Noise.”
  3. Optimize Browser Settings: Ensure that the browser used for broadcasting (in this case, Chrome) is configured properly for high-quality audio. Check that the microphone settings in Chrome allow for the highest quality audio input and that any automatic gain control or noise reduction features are disabled.
  4. Use External Audio Devices: Using high-quality external microphones or audio interfaces can greatly improve audio fidelity. Ensure that the web application is compatible with and configured to utilize these devices effectively.
  5. Test and Experiment: It’s important to conduct tests and experiments to find the optimal audio settings for your specific web application and Zoom setup. Adjust various audio settings, conduct trial runs, and gather feedback from users to identify the best configuration for achieving high-quality audio transmission. Ring Toss Table Game

Remember that these settings and options might be subject to change as Zoom continues to update its platform. It’s always recommended to refer to the official Zoom documentation or consult with Zoom’s support or developer community for the latest information on audio settings and customization options.

thank you very much for your answer. My understanding was that “disable echo cancellation” and “enable original sound” are the settings that are specific to zoom desktop client and not SDK? is there a way to change those settings in SDK? thank you so much for your input! I’m specifically asking about audio in embedded zoom meetings in the browser in SDK, nor about zoom desktop application or opening the zoom meeting in the browser [there is no original sound setting there anyway]. I think what you’re writing about applies only to the native Zoom desktop application?