Original Audio & Stereo Feature


Hello everyone.
I’m customizing the zoom web interface for my site.
But I cannot enable the “original audio” feature.
How can I enable in Javascript API ?


Hi @nwandy,

Our JS API doesen’t enable original_audio at this time. You should be able to do that via our REST API - https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/zoom-api/accounts/accountsettingsupdate


Hi Michael.
My account is already enabled.
My question is: in the Zoom App (Windows, Mac, iOs or Android), when original audio is enabled for the account, I see the button “use original audio” (or similar).
In the web window, I don’t see the button. Is always set or how can I start to use it ?


Hi @nwandy,

Unfortunately, our Web Client doesn’t include the option for “use original audio” at this time.