Encountering MobileRTCAuthError_Unknown when authorizing SDK using JWT

MobileRTCAuthError_Unknown is returned when authorizing the SDK using JWT

Which version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Authorize SDK using JWT token

Additional Context
So far, only 1 client have encountered this error.

Can we know what are the possible causes of this error?


Hey @azanton,

Thanks for using the dev forum! It is nice to see you again!

So you are saying that using the same credentials, you have received MobileRTCAuthError_Unknown one time, while other times you have been able to auth successfully?


Hi @Michael_Condon!,

Currently this client always fails to authorize successfully, but other clients are able to authorize successfully using the same credentials.


Hey @azanton,

Hmm that is interesting. Can you gather some SDK logs from an instance where this error happened?
Is it possible the JWT had expired for that user?


Hi @Michael_Condon,

Thanks for the response!, we were already able to fix this bug, there seems to be an issue with the client’s host file

Thanks for the help again!