Encrypted Email in timeline file

I am getting encrypted Emails in my timeline file. Is there a way to decrypt the Emails so I can see more easily who the users are? Example timeline file section:
“avatar_url” : “”,
“client_type” : 0,
“email_address” : “nbxsRoRV2pFSTeBQrdtvvECDqEOw8bef0fi3oIfkYR_7YgW4MZJu5j4.XDpwZTQ2caFd4BgZ@[REDACTED]”,
“multiple_people” : true,
“user_id” : [REDACTED],
“username” : “[REDACTED]”,
“zoom_userid” : “[REDACTED]”

Hi @cindy1,

Encrypted emails in API and webhook responses are intended to conceal personally identifiable information, so I’m afraid it’s not intended to be decrypted.


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