Encryption for the Slack-integration app

I work as an Engineering Manager at a company which uses both Slack and Zoom separately. I want to integrate them now and I’m looking at installing the Zoom-app in Slack. Since I work at a fintech bank there’s however a lot of red tape to go through and one important issue is to make sure that the communication between Slack and Zoom is encrypted and secured.

I haven’t found any info on encryption when Zoom posts meeting notes and recording info in Slack so I reached out to Zoom-support to ask them. They couldn’t answer me and directed me to the devteam instead, and that’s why I’m here even though it feels ‘wrong’.

So do you have info on how communication between Zoom and Slack, when using the Zoom-app in Slack, is secured?

Which App?
Slack app: Slack App

Hi @stefan.n,

Good question—thanks for reaching out about this.

Any integration on our Marketplace that is leveraging Zoom would adhere to the following encryption standards:

Zoom only supports TLS 1.2 or higher for all API communication.

Let me know if this helps to clarify,

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