Endless "Add" Zoom App redirect loop

We have a rather nasty production issue. We had an app update approved this morning at 5:09 AM Pacific, and have since discovered that some users are getting stuck in a redirect loop when trying to open our app.


If a user is a part of a group which has group approval for our app, it seems like there’s something going wrong on the back end which instead of launching our app directs them to “Add” it, which in turn returns them to the same screen asking them to add it again…

I decided to remove our group grant for our app to see if this changed this behavior and found that it does indeed break the cycle, but it obviously requires all users to add the app again, something we don’t want to force our customers to do.

A recording of this problem: Zoom issue - aircover - 2024.02.05.mp4 - Google Drive

Is there anything we can do to get this fixed? Even roll back the update if that was the cause of this?

@alex-aircover Can you please clarify what you mean by the group grant? I’ll reproduce the issue on my end and reach out to our team.

Thanks Max,

When an admin approves our app they can approve either for a single user or a group of users (including all users) in their org. It seems like there may be something amiss with this process.

After removing our app for all users in our org, and readding the group authorization, I now see 2 copies of the app in My Apps, one of which still has this odd redirect behavior.

We don’t want to have to have our customers uninstall the app to get it working again, and I can provide the customer details if you need those. Thanks much for the help!

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you on this. Are you still seeing this behavior with the latest version of the client? (5.17.11)

No, I think we can close this one out. Thank you.