OAuth Error (Oops, we were unable to complete your request (4,700)) for some users alone

We have a zoom app. Recently, some of our users were unable to authorise this app and got the following error during the OAuth flow:
“Oops! We were unable to complete your request. Please try again. (4,700)”

After retries also, this is happening consistently for these specific users.

Just to reiterate - for other users OAuth flow is happening fine and our app is getting added to their account.

I have not found any relevant article that talks about this kind of scenario. Tried emailing developersupport@zoom.us as recommended in one thread - but that email bounced.

This is a critical issue for us - since those users are blocked from using our app as of now. Could someone help out?

Hi @sid ,

Can you confirm having the correct domain(s) on the redirect allow list for those users? They should be the exact same and we typically see this when a change has been made to an app/redirect allow list.

Talk soon.

Hi @gianni.zoom - as I mentioned, the Zoom OAuth connect is working for most users who connect. But failing for a couple of specific users.
What did you mean by “… on the redirect allow list for those users”? Isn’t the allow list at an app level and applicable to everyone who connects with our app?

Hello @gianni.zoom - these 2 users are still stuck and unable to add our Zoom app - getting the same error.
Do you need any other info from me for debugging this issue?

Hi @sid ,

Apologies for the delay! I did not see the notification for your response.

Some developers have different allow lists that different users across different accounts may be accessing.

Given it is just two users and it does not sound like an allow list issue, I have opened up a support ticket on your behalf (17196773). Assuming the email associated with your Dev Forum account is the developer email associated with the affect app, please supply the following info in your support ticket and await further correspondence from our Support team:

  • production client id
  • screenshot of allow list section
  • user ids of users experiencing the error
  • screenshot of the error page and URL of the error page (if available)