Enhance Metric Capture | QOS

Hi Team,
Please create an end point where we can more readily capture average QOS score for ALL meetings between a date range.

For example, I would love to hit “/v2/kishans_requested_metric/past_meetings/QOS&”
Output would be all average QOS metrics for participants which are grouped by meeting id (or uuid)

The problem is accessing this data should be simplified.

  1. It would be beneficial to pull QOS scores for ALL meetings from a single end point versus having to specify meeting-id’s in the call… this cause a slowdown in automated reporting.

  2. Provide an end-point with AVERAGE QOS scores for participants. Hopefully this is merged with 1, above.
    Right now, if I access “/v2/metrics/meetings//participants/qos?type=past”… I get minute by minute metrics. Average scores, for a past meeting, would be more helpful

Please let me know if you have provided solutions or can provide a solution for what is requested.
Relevant link with more information: Past Meeting Participant QOS