Error 104101 is coming very frequently

The user when running the zoom sdk is facing the error very frequently. he has tried with different internet connections. i have uploaded the log files here.

Files Link

Same error intermittently on Web SDK as well. Not sure what’s wrong. The status dashboard says everything is operational.

Hi @helloparent, thanks for the post.

This error code means that the SDK was unable to connect to Zoom’s servers. The most likely cause for this is an unstable internet connection.

If the issue persists, please provide device logs so that we may investigate this further.


Hi @haseeb,

For issues with the web SDK, please post over in #client-web-sdk and one of my talented colleagues will be more than happy to assist. :slightly_smiling_face:


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I have already attached the device logs in my original thread. Can you check pls

Hi @helloparent,

Can you please let me know if you have verified whether or not this is being caused by an unstable internet connection? This error code means there are connectivity issues, so before we can do anything with the logs, we would need confirmation that the network itself is working properly.


Hi. Yes we have verified this that there are no network issues. Zoom app is working fine but gives issue with SDK.

Hi @helloparent,

Thank you for confirming. We will need to see if the logs provide any additional details on what could be causing this.

Can you please also verify which version of the SDK you are experiencing this behavior on?


we are using v5.0.24433.0616

@helloparent I check the log, 104101 is network error.

The internet speed at that time was not good, so I couldn’t connect to zoom server.

You should check your network quality when show this tips.


Hi Fred

We tried with different internet and different devices but got the same issue. Zoom app works fine but not SDK. How does that happen?

Hi @helloparent,

Can you please also try updating to the latest SDK version? It is possible that there have been optimizations in the client which were not yet released in the SDK version you are currently using.