Error 104103 is coming very frequently


When the host/participant tries to start/join a meeting, they are seeing the error :slight_smile:
Cant Connect to our service. pls check internet connection and try again. Error code : 104103

We have tried different mobile devices, different internet connection (wifi/data) but the error still persists. It comes only at the time of connecting the meeting. The internet connection works fine and all other websites/youtube/whatsapp video call works fine at that time.

Some snapshots attached :

Hi @helloparent,

Thanks for the post.

1). What is the SDK version you are using that has this issue? Is this issue persist in the latest version of SDK?
2). Could you check if there is any jmf logs under the SDK log folder? The filename should be like JMF.log. If there is any, could you share the log file so that we could further investigate?


Hi @Carson_Chen

SDK version: 4.6.21666.0429.

How do I share the log file as it is not permitting to attach.

Thanks for the info. Let me contact you directly.