Error 400 while pushing Closed Captions to breakout room


While pushing captions to breakout room using Closed Captions API the endpoint responds with error 400 (Bad request. The meeting has not started).

But the meeting itself is started and there are people in breakout room.

What could it be?

Hi @igoreisenberg , are you using a 3rd party closed captioning service (as recommended for breakout rooms)? If so, which one?

Please note that you may have to leverage the 3rd party’s support for troubleshooting.


The session in question was using as 3rd party closed captions provider.
I am developer at Verbit and I’m investigating why do we see that sometimes when customers are using breakout rooms, Zoom’s closed captions endpoint replies with error 400.

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@igoreisenberg okay, so closed captioning in breakout rooms is not officially supported by Zoom but it’s been submitted to our Product team for development so its at the discretion of 3rd party developers. You can read more about it in Zoom Community: Closed Caption does not work for breakout rooms. - Zoom Community