Error 400 - you can't add paid users - POST /scim2/Users

Hi there,

I’m using the POST /scim2/Users endpoint to create a new user and getting back a 400 response with message You can’t add paid users. What does this error mean exactly and what am I doing wrong ?

“response”: {
“schemas”: [
“detail”: “You can’t add paid users.”,
“status”: 400

Hi @techcityventures,

Is this user a user under a different Zoom account already? Are you able to share the full request you’re sending, including the body?


Thanks for reploy @will.zoom. We’ve managed to figure it out - literally we had a limited number of licenced users we could register - and I was not aware of that until I investigated the issue and spoke to some other people.

Hey @techcityventures,

Ah, I see—I’m glad to hear it’s been squared away!


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