Error 502 Captioning API POST


I have the captioning API working successfully for most meetings, providing services to third party customers/Zoom users. From time to time, it just does not work and Zoom returns an error 502 for every caption that is sent.

It’s really frustrating as all I can tell our clients is “Zoom is returning errors”!

Are you able to shed any light on why this might be happening? Things we might try to solve the problem? Happy to help with information, logs from our end, etc, if it helps Zoom to resolve or provide more information on the issue.


Hey @alexfrench,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and sorry to hear about the intermittent 502 errors. In order for our team to take a closer look, can you email us an example request and its timestamp, as well as the account details associated with the request? You can send this to


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