Error 63 when joining meeting in production, Marketplace approved app

We have a multiple meeting SDK apps that are no longer joining meetings as of this morning. We have verified that they can join meetings from their own account, but not external meetings. The SDK returns error 63.

These are apps that have been approved in the Marketplace. We are aware of the recent changes that require apps to be approved in order to join external meetings, but these apps have been approved for a long time. We never received any notice about them needing to go through the approval process again and there is no indication in Marketplace that any action is needed.

Please help as this is affecting us in production.

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Jeremy, since this is a part of the larger discussion and you are in that thread already, I am going to close this one to keep the conversation happen in limited spaces. If we don’t resolve your issue with that thread, please send @elisa.zoom and myself a direct message and we will support you there!