Published SDK App - Appkey review status exception on joining

Meeting Web SDK Version: 2.9.7

We just published our SDK application (around 6 hours ago) after it was thoroughly reviewed by the Zoom team and our users are unable to join meetings using the Web Meeting SDK.

It is exactly the same code, with the same SDK keys and secrets, that was used by the Zoom Team for functional review before approving the publish request. Now after publishing, it doesn’t work.

Here are some observations that may help pinpoint the problem:

  1. The Marketplace SDK app can be installed by external Zoom users (Zoom users who do not belong to the account that created the app)
  2. The API requests using the same app’s Client ID and Client Secret are going through so external users do have access to the application.
  3. The server is receiving webhooks, so that seems to be working too.

It is only the SDK which isn’t working after the app has been published. There is only one SDK key and seceret so it can’t be a case of using wrong credentials. And as I said earlier, the app was just reviewed (and approved) for functionality by the Zoom team and this issue did not come up. So, any pointers will be immensely helpful.

Given the urgency, tagging @chunsiong.zoom @donte.zoom because they’ve handled this issue earlier.

@moogway I’ll PM you for more information


@chunsiong.zoom Thanks! Awaiting your message

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