Error 65535 when joining a meeting with the windows meeting sdk

When I try to joining meeting using windows meeting sdk . I am getting error join meeting failed , error_code=65535.

Which Windows Meeting SDK version?

Device (please complete the following information):
HP Elitebook with windows 10

I couldn’t get the exact meaning of error . Please help me to resolve this


@Ranjana , are you joining meeting which are created by users outside of the SDK account?

It would also help if you could capture the SDK log and share it here.

@chunsiong.zoom Yes was trying to join meeting created by external user.
ok got it. do we need to publish the app to join for all the meeting?

But I want sdk only to join from one particular account to all the meeting. Is there any way around?


@Ranjana ,

You will need to publish your app. There is no other way around.


does joining to all the meeting created from user outside sdk will work in local test?

No. it will not work. joining external meeting will only work if the meeting sdk app is published.

I want to use sdk only to join my meeting bot. Could you please suggest a way around without publishing it ?

There is no workaround

P.S I don’t want my app to be published or visible to other account.

Publishing your Meeting SDK App does not mean that your application (dmg, exe, apk etc…) will be available to public. A published app means that it has been verified by Zoom.

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