V5.16.10.26236 / Windows MSVC x64 sample code join error - join meeting failed, error_code 63

Version: v5.16.10.26236 / Windows MSVC x64

Hello support team. I am using the windows msvc sdk and I am having troubles joining into my zoom call using the demo code.

  1. I started a call on my developer account which has the zoom application.
  2. I used GitHub - zoom/meetingsdk-auth-endpoint-sample: Generate a Meeting SDK JWT to join Zoom meetings and webinars with the Meeting SDK. to get my signature. I used my client id and secret in the .env from the zoom marketplace developer console.
  3. I curl up my meeting number and get the signature (the jwt key)
  4. Now i run the demo application and enter my jwt key and go to ‘only join’ enter in the meeting number and password and I get a box saying join meeting failed, error_code 63.

Any ideas what might be going wrong?

@varun_gadre ,

error 63 is associated with external account join. You will need to publishing your meeting sdk app before you can join an external meeting.