[Error] Impossible to upload virtual background

Hi there.
I’m trying to upload images for use as a virtual background to my account. I’m uploading one image by one request via “https://api.zoom.us/v2/users/me/settings/virtual_backgrounds”.
First several images was uploaded successfully, but then I caught the error “code 120 A maximum of 10 files are allowed for a user.” I deleted all uploaded images from account in Zoom desktop app and tried again to upload but I still catch this error.

For now I have only 2 default bacgrounds in my account, I see it in Zoom desctop app but upload new ones impossible, error above is appear

Help what’s wrong?

Hey @mdev
Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and Welcome to our Community!
Did you delete those virtual background via API or manually?
Could you please try again by using the following endpoint?


Hi Elisa,
I deleted backgrounds manually using Zoom desktop app.
I’m developing an iOS app that allows users to upload backgrounds via my app but deleting will be managed in Zoom desktop or mobile apps by themselves, so deleting via API isn’t a solution this problem for my goal.
Maybe other ideas? Actually it looks like a bug.

Hey @mdev

Sorry for the late reply!
Were you able to find a workaround on this ?