Uploading new file in Zoom app causes error

Problem: uploading a new background file in our zoom app causes an error (see “open file operation failed” Pasted Graphic.png - Google Drive

How To Reproduce
(0) go into a live meeting
(1) open AI Business Cards by Warmly
(2) Go to nametag builder
(3) upload a new zoom background
(4) notice failed operation

Question: what causes this error to occur and how do we get around it?

@max_warmly Thank you for reaching out about this. I’m checking with our team to see if this is something they have seen before.

Just to confirm, you’re seeing this when using the setVirtualBackground() function, correct?

Can you share an example of how you’re calling it?

No thats not correct. Its when we upload a file using Cloudinary

User clicks “Upload background” then selects a background from their desktop then we send to Cloudinary to store it and then display it back to the user to select in their App. Once they select then we call setVirtualBackground.

It’s a file uploading issue

This sounds like it lines up with a known issue that is planned to be fixed in the next release. Are you using MacOS with an ARM SoC?

Thanks @MaxM ! I am using MacOS with an ARM SoC. Which version is the next release with the fix?

I’m checking with our team to confirm if this would be the next client or SDK release and what version we can expect. I’ll let you know when I have more information on this.