Error in the zoom response for participants present in the meeting

API response error.


from the url response,[REDACTED]/participants, Participant Ram has joined, and while checking for the api, the email is empty.

“user_id”: “XXXXX”,
“name”: “Ram”,
“user_email”: “”,
“join_time”: “2021-04-08T12:37:54Z”,
“leave_time”: “2021-04-08T13:00:00Z”,
“duration”: 1326,
“attentiveness_score”: “”

End point-{meeting uuid}/participants

For confimration,
This is the data from web hook after the creation of registrant


Same problem here!!!

Meeting only for registrant…and in partecipants reports show me user that join without email!!

The BUG is that this people join with browser using a registrant join_url link!

His a big hole in security.

Hey @karthik.rt,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Please send an email to with a link to this thread.

I’ll investigate the issue further from there.


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