I understand that with dev credentials we cannot refresh token for any other accounts except the dev account, but with a production credentials (and shareable url), I believe this should be possible.

A test user is able to access and install the app and get a token and refresh token.
However, I get an error “error”=>“invalid_grant”, when trying to refresh the token.

Also, I believe I had requested a shareable url around 20 days ago, but already got a notification that it has been 30 days and it will expire. A little confused by that.

Hi @powr
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer forum and welcome to our community! I am happy to help here!
Could you please share the name of your app so I can take a look at the state of your shareable url

Thanks for taking a look: https://zoom.us/oauth/authorize?response_type=code&client_id={edited}&redirect_uri=https://www.powr-staging.io/zoom/redirect?app_type%3DzoomAppointments

Hi @powr Sorry for the late reply here
Can you please share the Name of your app?