Oauth2, authorization_code

Can’t get access_token and refresh_token again by authorization code.
The first time I confirm the application, I get a code for it, I can get tokens, but after repeating the same procedure, but without adding the application to the account, since it was added for the first time, I always catch the invalid_grant error

Hi @pcelovek439 , when you try to retrieve a new token?

Can you please try reproducing with our workspace? Postman


Hi, still getting an invalid_grant error

I want to allow other users of my web application to access there zoom account and share the request to the client secret key and client ID that I have already created during creating app flow.

Hi @pcelovek439 ,

I am not able to reproduce your issue. Can you please share screenshots of your request set up with the sensitive info obscured?

Hi @socialduplicator ,

Can you please create a new post so that developers who are able to help you can better find you? This comment is unrelated to the present conversation.