Error message 403

Hey guys. I’m getting the following error message.

{ “error” : { “code” : 403, “message” : “Sorry, the maximum number of api requests are already reached. Please try later.” } }

But doing API tests in the REST console does not show me this error, everything is correct. Could anyone tell me what might be triggering this information? Is there a request limit?


Hi Felipe,


Are you still having an issue?

Hey Felipe,

The Zoom Playground only runs one command at a time - so you will never hit a limit.

The API rate limit we have been given is ~25 requests per second. Any /report/* endpoints are limited to 3 requests per second. The cooldown period after getting a 403 is 1 second.


Hope it helps!

@Joshua since yesterday afternoon I’m not had more errors. I think wich it was momentary, but at the same time strange that mistake happened. This application does haven’t many users for generate many requests per second.

@Carl Dennis, thanks for your answer, I don’t know the code this application, so I can’t to confirm if some part of code it generate multiple requests, but this information already help me.