code:403,message:Sorry, the maximum number of api requests are already reached. Please try later

We are trying to make requests to “{meetingID}/participants
and sometimes receiving an error message:
code":403,“message”:“Sorry, the maximum number of API requests are already reached. Please try later.”
I saw topics from 2017 for v1 (version 1 of Zoom Rest API) about this. What are the limitations for the new v2 REST API ? Are these limitations can be controlled via our Zoom Developer user?

Hi @Izhar_Laufer,

Please refer to our Rate limits page for our V2 API[0]. You will have to throttle the API calls on your end to make sure you do not exceed the rate limit.

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Hi @michael_p.zoom,

The document you linked says that the error code should be 429, but the code @Izhar_Laufer received is 403. Which should we be expecting?

Hi @Jonathan_Champ @Izhar_Laufer

What you’re seeing is probably the error code we return in the body message. You should be looking at the Status code for 429 instead. The status code are different from our error codes in the response body.

Please refer to for status codes.


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Neither the rate limit documentation nor the Error definition documentation (the links for which are out-of-date in the above responses) describes what message one gets when the rate limit per minute is exceeded versus the message that one gets when the rate limit per day is exceeded. Nonetheless, here is our question:

We are reaching API rate limits and we don’t understand why.
We have implemented an internal count of API calls: counting ALL HTTP requests to the V2 APIs in our data extraction service (e.g. both from the V2/users requests and the V2/metrics/meetings* requests. The count of all requests for all pages of data for Deloitte in any one day is in the high 100’s (e.g. less than 1000) at the moment. But, we continue to get

{“code”:403,“message”:“Sorry, the maximum number of api requests are already reached. Please try later.”}

This doesn’t look like the per-minute rate limit. For that we have seen different message “Sorry, the maximum number of metrics api requests every minute are already reached”.

Any ideas on why we are reaching this limit ?
Is it possible some other application is running for Deloitte account and making API calls ?
Would it be possible for you guys to investigate and give us some idea on what is happening.

Hey Katyle,

I am investigating this now. I need some info that is potentially private in nature I am reaching out via email.

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