Error message “Not allow to start webinar from web.”

This ticket is a follow up on my previous ticket Error message "Not support registration webinar" opened before the V1.8.0 was released. First let me thank you for your work on the web registration but we have some issues with the Webinar registration mechanism. Michael, you said “our WebSDK now supports Registered Webinars” in my previous ticket but the flow seems not to be working well for us.
Basically, we create webinar (with registration enabled and the option to manually approve registrants), we register and approve participants using the Zoom API, and when we try to join the webinar, the endpoint returns the error message: “Not allow to start webinar from web.”, which is weird because the webinar is started and ongoing in my Zoom client.


  • Are we doing something wrong?
  • Is this flow supposed to be working ?
  • How is it supposed to work?

Error returns the error message: “Not allow to start webinar from web.”

  • We are using the WebSDK v1.8.0, I checked the packages, the CDN links and the URL parameter “cv=1.8.0” seems to be ok
  • Webinar is started in the zoom client, not the browser
  • User is register to the webinar and approved
  • meetingNumber, userName, signature, apiKey, userEmail seems to be OK

Which version?
WebSDK v1.8.0

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create a webinar with registration enabled and the option to manually approve registrants
  2. Register a participant using the Zoom API using
  3. Approve this registrant using the zoom API using
  4. Generate a signature for this person/webinar
  5. Report all values in
  6. Run the project and click on the “Join meeting” button
    –> an error message in the popup display “Not allow to start webinar from web.”

Expected behavior

  • People not registered should not be able to join the webinar and a form to register should be displayed to the user
  • For people registered and approved, the registration mechanism should be transparent and the user should join directly the webinar.

Additional information
We are expecting exactly the same behavior for the futur meeting registration.

Thanks in advance for your answer and have a good day! :slight_smile:

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Hey @benoit.mugnier,

Here is how webinar registration currently works in the latest version, 1.8.0:

We are working on the second flow you mentioned, having the ability for already registered users to join the Webinar with the Web SDK.


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Perfect, thank you!

Do you have a timeline for this?

Hey @rpelisson,

I do not have a timeline yet. We will update this page once we do though:


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