"Not support registration webinar" error in WEB SDK (1.8.0)

I’m not able to join webinars with Registration required on, using WEB SDK version 1.8.0.

“Not support registration webinar” error

Which version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Using the registration required feature, after uploading the CSV with the allowed users, try to join the webinar with one of those users.

Hey @icaldana,

Here is the current Web SDK Webinar Registration flow:


Hi @tommy, I’m working with @icaldana on this project.

We are following the Web SDK docs to join the Webinar, but the issue happens only in this configuration:

1- Setup a Webinar
2- Mark Registration as Required
3- Change the Approval settings to: “Manually Approve”

The Web SDK works only if we set to “Automatically Approve”

Even if we try to import the CSV with the user info, before he join using the SDK, did not work.

This is very important to us, since we are trying to avoid any unauthorized user, joining in the Webinar due to the automatic approval.

Hey @rpelisson,

I have added manual approval as a feature request to our Web SDK backlog. (CS-2335)

We will keep you updated on its development.


Hey @rpelisson, @icaldana,

This will be released in Web SDK version 1.8.5. Stay updated here:


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Hey @rpelisson, @icaldana,

Just letting you know this has been pushed back to a future Web SDK release.

I will keep you updated if anything else changes.