Error Related to Connecting an OAUTH Application on the Zoom Marketplace

An app was created by our Senior Data Engineer, and he is attempting to connect his app to Zoom, but he is receiving the following error message: “‘Zoom Phone has not been enabled for this account.’” We’ve updated his account and enabled the phone and assigned a phone number and he is still receiving the same error message.

Assistance is needed!

Thank you!

Hello @reed can you make sure it wasn’t installed even though the error populates sometimes it still gets installed on the account. If you go to the installed apps page and you see installed please remove the integration then give it a try again.

Regards, Kwaku

Hi @kwaku.nyante

Under Apps on Account, there’s a section for added apps or created apps, but I don’t see installed.

John is removing (revoking) the app from the added app section and may delete and re-create the app if that doesn’t work.

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