Zoom App Marketplace - Pre-approved

How can our internal zoom account users use our app, which is listed on the zoom app marketplace?
We launched our integration app (account level) half a year ago and our internal users were able to connect and use the integration between our product and Zoom.

Our internal users (all listed on our zoom account with @practera.com) who didn’t use the app before cannot connect to it on the marketplace. Internal users will see a pop up with “You cannot authorize the app” and neither our account owner, zoom app author or admins can add a “pre-approved” to this app. When being signed-in in the mentioned accounts and going to the app on the marketplace we neither see the “Pre-approved” toggle or the “Who can Install” tab.

Which App?
App Marketplace (1)|690x404]

Screenshots (If applicable)

Hey @laura1 ,

Happy to help! :slight_smile: Can you please share a screenshot of the error so we can see what is preventing you from installing your app?