Error when authorize Oauth user managed app

I created an OAuth app with my Admin account. This app is user managed. It is not officially published yet but I’m the owner, so I think I can install it for simply test it locally. But when I visit the provided URL with the query parametrs required and filled with my own data (client_id, response_type=code and redirect_uri) for authorize and install this app, I get an error which I cannot find information about on the Internet. It doesn’t give me clear information about why this error is throwing. I realized that if I create exactly the same app but in account level mode, this error never happens and it works as expected.





<error>Internal Server Error</error>

<message>An error was encountered when processing your request</message>





Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?


Did you try to install the APP from marketplace portal. You can authorize the app there by clicking on install once you have created the app

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