Error when trying to use Webinar registration API

I set up a series of webinars and use the registration API to allow attendees to “Register for All”.

All webinars are set up as on-demand.

API works fine until the day after the live webcast. From then on an error saying that you can’t register for a past webinar is issued.

BUT, because the webinar is on demand, if I manually use the registration link it works fine and I can view the webinar recording.

Why does the API throw an error and what (if anything) can I do about it?

Specific API being used is POST /webinars/{webinarId}/registrants

Hi @zoommeeting, I understand what you’re trying to do with the instant webinar registration; however, the registration for occurrences might not be matching your use case.

Are you trying to add a new registrant so they can view the recorded file? If this is the case, I would suggest providing the Play URL from the Cloud Recordings API.

I am aware that I could do that. It doesn’t really help as I’m not trying to allow them to play an individual webinar. That already works.

I’d like to understand why what I’m doing doesn’t work. If the exact same webinar can be invoked from the exact same link as was used prior to the live broadcast - why does the API throw an error? Has the link been preserved but under the covers the webinar Id has been changed? Not only that but why does the API registration fail the next day? On the day of the webinar it works - even though the webinar has ended.

Hey @zoommeeting,

I believe you want to use the Create a Recording Registrant API. :slight_smile: