No happy path for on-demand webinar attendees registered via API


We’ve configured some “on demand” webinars through Zoom. They all require registration.

When I use the API to register attendees it works fine - up to and including the day of the webinar.

After this point in time, any POST to /v2/webinars/WEBINARID/registrants generates an error.

The error message indicates “Webinar is over, you can not register now. …”

How can the API be leveraged to register users for on-demand webinars, after the webinar date?

The reason I would have thought that this was permitted, was this line from the on-demand documentation (at On-demand webinars – Zoom Help Center):

Users who register after the scheduled date and time will have the option to view the recording.


I did decode that earlier message – the admin on our end had set the webinar to close reg after the date had passed. We created a new test webinar, but have run into a new issue.

With an on-demand webinar, that has registration open beyond its close date:

  1. If you register an attendee via API after the close date
  2. Zoom sends you an email that contains a Join Webinar link
  3. Clicking this link takes the user to this screen/error message:

Wouldn’t expected behavior be, to take them to the recording?

Hey @Launchfire,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. This does seem to be an issue with how Zoom responds to adding a registrant after the webinar ends.

Please send an email to with a link to this thread. In that email, please include the webinar ID where you saw this as well as the email address you tested with where you saw that we sent a Webinar Join Email.

I’ll work with our engineering team to see if we can change the email that goes out in this circumstance.


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Thanks - sent just now.

Thank you for sending in a ticket, I’ll follow up with you there.