Webinar Registrant Join Link (Unique link)

Can we leverage webinar registrant join link (unique) to access the on-demand recordings? Also in the case of a webinar is over and registrants are allowed to register for webinar instead of registering for on-demand recording, can we still continue to use the same join link instead of the share link.

We have observed that it works 99% of the cases but sometimes we are hitting a uh-oh zoom error page.

Additional context
We already know that Cloud recording APIs are not fully functional from zoom point of view.

Hey @vijay.muthu,

Take a look at our On Demand Webinar doc:

If you don’t find what you are looking for there, please let me know and I will help.


Thanks @tommy - I have reviewed the zoom documentation, but I wanted to understand more on how the links work (Webinar Attendee unique link and On-demand recording share link).

Currently we are observing the below:

  1. Attendee registered for on-demand webinar either before or when the webinar is in progress > If they use their unique attendee link to access the on-demand recording - it works fine - Zoom registration page doesn’t come before watching the recording

  2. Attendee registered for on-demand webinar after the webinar is completed > If they use their attendee unique link to access on-demand recording its taking them to zoom registration page before letting them to watch the recording (Please note we are still hitting the Webinar registrants add API even after the webinar is over and so we are getting back the attendee unique link)

cc: @e.nya

Hey @vijay.muthu,

Are you using the API when registering for the On Demand Webinar? If so, this is currently the expected flow:


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