Event listeners and have a zoom room tablet connected

I have read in the documentation that you cannot have an SSH connection running simultaneously with the Zoom Room App.

We are looking forward to having processor control display power/ lighting in a larger distributed enterprise system based on if the individual zoom room is in use or not.

Is this something that is on the road map, is it capable now, or is this something that has not been asked about yet?


That use case makes a lot of sense.

Simultaneous use of the iPad/Android Zoom Room Controller and the SSH API, won’t be in the February release of the Zoom Room; however, I will push it for the release after that.

For other folks with simultaneous usage in mind: I would like to hear your input; I can make the case to boost the priority of this feature if more integrators ask for it.


I also  have the need to have the iPad running. We want to be be able to use our touch rings on the table mics and then mute/unmute the the audio to Zoom so the indicator on the particpants panel shows that the room is muted. In addition the ability to shutdown the displays when the room is not in use would be nice. Currently we just shut down at midnight and turn back on at 5 am, but it would be nice to build in some additional logic to conserve more energey and life of the displays.

I have entered a feature request for this capability. The JIRA request ID is ZOOM-36231. I’ll discuss this feature with our product managers and prioritize it.

I definitely want to hear from more integrators who want this feature, so I can elevate the priority.