API for third party control



Does your current API allow the ability to integrate a zoom system into a third party controller like Crestron? I know crestron has the Mercury with native UI integration but it is super limited once zoom is turned on. I would love to be able to control all of the functions you see on the iPad and my AV components within a single interface. Right now we either give them the mercury (zoom) but they loose av device control or we have to give them two touch panels: 1 custom tp for control of the AV devices in the room and an iPad to initiate and conduct the zoom meeting. We have also tried putting Crestron and Zoom on an iPad and they have to app switch back and forth between interfaces, which is confusing to the layman. Does your API support this?


Hi, I assume you would like to build a control interface on top of Zoom Room solution and integrate with the third party controllers.

We are going to release our first set of automation controller APIs in the first week of November. These are terminal commands that will go over the SSH or RS232. You will be able to build or integrate our room solution with any external controllers as long as you use those interfaces. The first version will be limited but we will be rapidly adding more command sets. 

Please check back or subscriber to this forum for details as we will put the platform release announcements and you can get notified.




Hi Wei,

Did the RS232 automation controller APIs get released? If so can you tell me where I can find the details?




Hi Tony, please subscribe to and take a look at the other forum “zoom rooms control systems API”.