Launching Zoom Rooms from Extron Control System with a custom command string?


I’m in higher education AV design and we are exploring Zoom Rooms as a new experience for our end users who are heavy Zoom Users. We are testing it out in our IT conference room and we don’t run the Zoom Rooms application full time in the conference room- we have it installed and a few of our Zoom power users who are testing it out for us will launch it manually and then use it with the iPad controller as designed.

We also have an Extron Control System in this room and I’d like to start exploring the partnership between Zoom and Extron. After looking over the GCP driver communication sheet and the ZR-CSAPI documentation, I’m wondering if it is possible to connect to the computer over SSH and issue a command to actually launch Zoom Rooms. The GCP driver allows for a custom command to be sent, so ideally I can add a button on our control system that would fire Zoom Rooms up instead of the end users needing to go through the Windows start menu to launch it.

My guess is that the SSH server doesn’t run until after Zoom Rooms is already up and running.


That is correct: The Zoom Room must be up and running, before the ZR-CSAPI SSH API becomes active. Generally, the Zoom Rooms PC/Mac is turned on all the time, and the zoom Room launches automatically when the PC/Mac is turned on, so there is no need to launch the Zoom Room; it’s already launched. Basically, there is no reason to ever turn off a Zoom Room. The Zoom web portal allows you to automatically turn off the monitor during certain times, to save energy. A lot of customers run the Zoom Room on the Intel NUC boxes, which are more energy-efficient.

For Extron control of Zoom Rooms, contact Extron; they have the Extron-specific driver information for Zoom; we don’t have expertise on the Extron side of things.

Brent, feel free to reach out to Dan Beckman at Extron and he can review your options regarding the Extron control of Zoom Rooms. He can be reached at 714.491.1500 ext. 6047