Event trigger when user change name in Zoom UI mode

Is there a way to trigger an event when user changes name in Zoom UI mode?

Which Desktop Meeting SDK version?

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Hi @Hong,

Whenever a user changes their name in the current meeting, the onUserNameChanged callback will be invoked.


could you double check if that is the case for ZOOM UI mode?
I do not see it happens. in ZOOM UI mode. However, when I enable the customized UI mode, it invoked when user changes name.
Do you have an example code to check for this event feature in Zoom UI mode?
When I add this
public ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::IMeetingParticipantsCtrlEvent

to class CSDKLoggedInUIMgr , I can no longer build the code.


Hi Jon,

I managed to get it built with no error. But still no event triggered when user change name in Zoom UI mode. I had the codes , could you be able to give me some help?

Only 4 files that I made changes to test from the SDK Desktop meeting release

Hi @Hong,

Are you using the SDK sample app? If so, that implementation of this callback is only setup when custom meeting UI is enabled. If you want to receive this callback when using the default UI, you would need to create an instance of IMeetingParticipantsCtrlEvent and pass it into the SetEvent function.


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