Exception thrown in KernelBase.dll as soon as I join a meeting with the SDK


I have downloaded a Zoom Windows SDK demo from the Zoom Marketplace and I build and run it in Visual Studio 2022. I get to build and the first steps when being run (jwt authentication and joining a meeting) without any problem. The thing is that as soon as I join a meeting I begin to see the following error repeatedly.

Exception thrown at 0x77208FC2 (KernelBase.dll) in sdk_demo_v2.exe: 0x000006A6: El identificador de enlace no es válido.

The last sentence of the error is in Spanish (although I use Visual Studio in English) so I translate it to English here:

The link identifier is not valid.

Is this behaviour normal? I suspect it is not but probably you guys know better. The version of the SDK I use is the latest: v5.14.2.14628.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @a.egana ,

I’m using the same version of VS 2022 (community edition). Ran the x64 version without encountering any errors.

Any other details to replicate this issue?

Hi @chunsiong.zoom ,

When I opened this thread, I was running the x86 version of the demo. Following the guide in this link, I changed the solution configuration to Release and the solution platform to Win32 and just built and ran the demo.

Now I have seen you run the x64 version. I have tried it myself running it with changing solution platform to x64 but I get the same behaviour I described in my first message. After entering the JWT token and choosing either “RestAPI without login” or “Only join” and entering the meeting number and password of a meeting created in the Zoom website, when I join this meeting the exception begins to appear over and over again.

Hi @a.egana ,

i’ve tried with x86 version as well, and there was no error

I’m using c++ 14 on Windows 11( this is default, and i have not changed anything )

Hi @chunsiong.zoom ,

I have tried to run the demo in another computer and I am not receiving the error when I join a meeting. So I do not really know which causes the issue in the first computer I tried.

Anyway, many thanks for your quick responses and trying to help me.

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