Excessive CPU load on server for Meeting SDK - Today it brought down our server

We run 2 virtual event websites which are based on WordPress but have a large proportion of custom coding.

We are using the current Webinar SDK on the sites and up to now have not really had any issues with the exception of viewers using Apple products and sound issues

Today we had an event and as soon as the stream went live at 09.28 GMT, it crashed the server. I had to restart PHP and Apache (not knowing which had failed) to bring everything back. I have added a link to a snapshot of the server monitor.

The webinar would have had approx 450-500 people.

The server is very high spec

CentOS 7
40 CPU
672Gb RAM
1Gbps connection

The site is running PHP 7.4.3 as Dedicated FPM application served by Apache with very healthy settings

Why did this happen? Any advice?

What is the limit for viewers of embedded webinars?

We have done research plenty of times and it seems that Zoom webinar puts very high demand on CPU

Is 450-500 people too much for this server

Hi @jameswilson ! We do not have a webinar SDK, but do you mean Meeting SDK running webinar?

If so, please respond to my private message with the following:

  • account id
  • developer email associated with MSDK
  • MSDK client id
  • a few webinar ids where you witnessed this behavior
  • any troubleshooting steps done to try to improve performance

Hi @jameswilson ,

I submitted your info to our support staff to (18287861). Unfortunately, our support article does not speak to your specific concerns, so hopefully we can get some more detailed specs to help you successfully host Zoom webinars with MSDK of that size!

Is a meeting of this size a problem??

Hi @jameswilson ,

Not to my knowledge. Please await a response from support. I included the two emails you provided so comms should continue there. Let me know if you do not hear back within a couple of days.

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