Exp time in zoomappcontext doesn't update during App Refresh or runRenderingContext

I’m noticing that the expiration time (exp) provided by ZoomAppContext is not updated when an App is refreshed…either by clicking “Refresh App” or when the App View is called during rendering (e.g runRenderingContext).

Presumably the expiration time should be used to help validate the request. However if the time is not updated on subsequent valid requests then it becomes completely useless.

@vandalayindustries When the page is reloaded a new context is generated which should have a new exp value. Are you seeing that the timestamp and expiration are remaining the same?

Hey @MaxM , yeah exactly, I was seeing the same timestamps with the x-zoom-app-context was decoded…as if the request was cached or something.

I just checked now and it seems to have been fixed (or at least isn’t happening at this moment). I guess I will mark this as solved and re-open if it happens again.


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