Expedited Zoom App Submission Review

I am writing on behalf of AlterCall regarding the approval process for our app integration with Zoom. We were reccomended by Zoom technical support and our account executive to post on the developer forum for visibility. We have been eagerly awaiting approval for our app, and unfortunately, the process has been longer than anticipated. As we approach our product launch, which is scheduled for 5/13, the approval of our app is critical for the successful rollout of our services. We understand that you receive numerous requests for app integrations, and we appreciate the thoroughness of your review process. However, we kindly request that you expedite the approval of our app due to the time-sensitive nature of our project. Our team has worked diligently to ensure that our app meets all necessary requirements and standards set forth by Zoom. We are confident that our app will provide significant value to Zoom users and enhance their overall experience. If there are any additional steps or information required from our end to facilitate the approval process, please do not hesitate to let us know. We are committed to providing any necessary assistance to expedite the approval of our app. Thank you for your attention to this matter. We look forward to receiving a favorable response and proceeding with the launch of our product.

Hello @AAIOps, I believe you were given incorrect information to request an expedited review. However, if you can provide me the name of your app, I can check the process and find out why your submission has taken so long as per your message.

Regards, Kwaku

Hello Kwaku,
Thank you so much for reaching out.m
Our app is named: AlterCall AI

Hello, @AAIOps, Looking at the review history, there was one time when you submitted on April 29th, and we didn’t get back to you until May 6th. Apart from that, we have always responded to your submissions within our 72-hour SLA. There are several things still pending with your current submission. What we can do is once we complete the functional review, we can ask the security team to complete the security review as soon as possible.

Is there anything left for us to complete the functional review? Can you let me know

@AAIOps Looking at the submission, the only thing left is the functional review since it is on the queue now. Our SLA does not include weekends, so you should expect a response before the end of the day.


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Thank you! We scheduled time to review with you.
Also, is it possible to schedule something earlier? We are planning on launching this week.
In the meantime is it possible to increase our limit from 50 to 100?

Please reach out to the Marketplace Security team. They manage Authorization URLs. You can email them at marketplace.security@zoom.us. I do have to advise you the nature of your Zoom integration would not permit increasing your limit that high, so your chances are pretty slim to get increased to at least five times your current limit in the name of testing.

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We have resubmitted the app - there was an issue with some environment variables.
Please use the test plan from the loom video and login credentials provided.
Everything should work properly now

OK thank you.

Regards, Kwaku