Export/Import Configuration

We defined the default account configurations that we need in order for notifications to work properly and for Zoom to be an efficient solution according to our usage. BUT I find it time consuming to set the configurations during every new installation and to adjust the new configurations on every workstation after an update.

I found these two articles in the Help Center, and noticed there is not a lot of options available, especially for chatting :confused:

IMO, we should be able to configure every Zoom Desktop Client options for mass installation.
An interesting alternative would be to export the actual configurations and import them back in another account. That would be easy to deploy for an admin AND for the ยซ not so good with IT ยป users.

Hey @plmlabranche,

Please share this feature request to support.zoom.us as this forum is for feature requests for the Zoom API and App Marketplace.


Hi @tommy,

Indeed I misplaced my request, sorry about that.

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No worries! :slight_smile: