インストールオプション(INSTALL_ROOT=“C:\Program Files (x86)”)を使用してインストールするディレクトリを変更したい。

Translation (thanks to Google translate):

I installed zoom as a local user on Windows managed by AD, but zoom is not displayed as a domain user.
I want to change the installation directory using the installation option (INSTALL_ROOT=“C:\Program Files (x86)”).
Users who can use the app I want to allow all domain users instead of local users.

This is the thread for “Zoom Apps”. Recommend visiting the tech support page for issues related to Zoom client application.

すみません are you asking how other users on your PC can have Zoom Apps installed in the Zoom client?

If yes, Zoom Apps are installed in your Zoom account online. So every user of your PC would need to install a Zoom app on their individual accounts. Zoom Apps are not installed to the User’s disk, but the Zoom Windows client is installed to the disk.

For help with installing the Windows client to every user in your AD then the other forum Jon linked to will be more helpful.


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