Zoom MSI config

Anyone willing to take mercy on me and point me to instructions or clear step-by-steps for configuring/editing the Zoom MSI?
Yes, I’ve seen the article: Mass-deploying with preconfigured settings for Windows – Zoom Support

But I’m a novice. How do I configure switches in the MSI? I can’t even figure how to open it in cmd line to view or even start configuration. You’d think there’s be a simple gui app with two side-by-side windows, left window clean msi with default switches and right side windows where edits are displayed and then click start/go whatever…and your msi is packaged/complied and ready to throw in software center…why is this so cryptic and unclear?

Hi @Mark_Hackett, thanks for using Zoom.

This forum category is for developers who have integrated our SDK into their own applications. For general help with the Zoom client, please post over in the Zoom Community or visit our Help Center. :slightly_smiling_face: