Deployment with GPO script or with altered MSI


I am having some difficulties deploying the zoomfullinstall.msi with GPO to have the configuration options that are described in the “Mass Installation And Configuration For Windows” document.   I was sent a link to a document ( ) by a support tech in a chat window.   I’ve installed the SDK tools and opened the MSI with Orca, but I can’t find the settings in the table to change to customize the MSI to install with the settings I want,  (SSO, Vanity URL, Silent, No Reboot). I am hoping someone has done this and can help me figure out how to do this.   the document from zoom support does not explain how to do this.


thank you!


I am sorry that I have no idea about that. Here is the forum to discuss the zoom windows sdk. Would you try to contact with the sales?

Yes,  sales and support are not sure how to do it.  If you read the Zoom doc, it doesn’t explain how.  it explains the CMD line configuration commands but it doesn’t explain how to combine those with the GPO mass configuration.    I am simply trying to roll this out to my employees with the least amount of user impact as possible.  if anyone know an easy way to do that (I dont have SCCM) I would appreciate any insight!   

Here is a link to submit your issue directly to the support team.

I am sure they will contact you to solve it.

Thanks for your patience!

I have the exact same question. Using a GPO/Software Installation appears to be so much cleaner than using a BAT file. Especially if you’re wanting to install the Outlook Integration Plugin on users without administrative privilege. I think it would be much better to allow the MST to work with all possible installation parameters rather than requiring a command line… Perhaps this ability already exists and I am not aware of what “Properties” should be defined in the MSI transformation file.

Please advise (reference Zoom Support Ticket #1526451).

Thank you!

Hey @epowers, thanks for posting.

Are you talking about this article?