Exporting SDK to Release APK Issue!

Hello ,
We integrated “Flutter Zoom Video SDK 1.9” to our Flutter project as we want to use zoom meeting along with Video , Audio & screen sharing features.

Now the issue we we exporting our app as release apk?

All are working fine when we run the App in our emulator and even when we export it as apk (debug) & run it in our adnirod devices.

However we are facing an issue when we export the App as “release” apk version , once we install it in our testing andriod devices & the moment we open the App its exit immediately (as if its crashed internally). also the same issue ofc happened when we try to export the example 1.9 as release apk.

Please advise ? what are the best steps to make sure Zoom SDK is integrated within our App and is there is a guides in how to export the release version of it ?