Face recognition -> Microphone-Camera on/off

Hi guys, I thought this function was already implemented but Googling it I could not find anything apart endless Zoom fails compilations. I would like to prevent embarrassment and overall meeting’s quality and focus loss.

I think it would be very useful to have the participant’s face recognised to mute/unmute microphone and better yet camera on/off. As an example most of us should be familiar with is face unlock on phones. I don’t know how exactly this should work without interfering with flawless communication.
p.s. Background noise reduction is not the function I am suggesting.

I guess this is not an easy feature to add, but it might be worth experimenting. As an alternative solution I may appoint body to background ratio to do the same function, as done in the virtual background feature but to trigger on/offs.

Thank you anyway for the work you already done to provide us this app!


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