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We received an Error message when attempting to join an existing webinar that has started. Issue happened 10:30 - 11:00 GMT Europe, Ireland. Then it started to work about 11:05, without any changes on our side.

So the issue happened and then for that 30 minute window.

We checked that the password was correct, and the webinar ID. Everything was working fine onthe native App just the web SDK couldn’t join.

To us it looked at if this was a Zoom issue and something “just started To work”

I have uploaded some images.

Webinar ID:

The issue was happening for various people around the world. No or could join during this time period.

If you want to set up an additional chat / conversation in person let me know.

We had users both in Ireland and India that experienced the issue


See image

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1.8.3 web SDK

Latest version 1.8.3

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  • Chrome, Mac OS, but also various other attendees non of them could join via the web SDK.

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Hey @darragh.duffy,

Happy to help! Can you share your Web SDK signature for this meeting with, or a test one with the same issue? From there we can debug further.


Thanks Tommy,

I can’t reproduce the issue. I can still generate the signature for the webinar that didn’t work.

But just note it was not working and then suddenly did work, this suggests some issue in Zooms side during that time window.

Let me get that signature and and will
Update here.

Hi Tommy,

Here is the Signature that was created for the Webinar, noting that the signature was created a few minutes ago, so the “Time” element of the signature is as a few minutes ago.

The strangest part is we had 4 webinars over the weekend, 3 worked perfect, and one was not working between the times mentioned already. And, then just started to work, we changed no code on our side. All indicators are that this is something on the Zoom side.

Let me know if I can further help here.

thanks again Tommy and thanks for the help during the year


Hey @darragh.duffy,

That is strange indeed! It could have been a network issue. Please let us know if you continue to see the issue. :slight_smile:


Hi Tommy,

We can’t reproduce this. Is there any way you can check logs for issues for the date / time above. It’s concerning that we don’t have an indication as to what the issue might be.

Hey @darragh.duffy,

Looking at the information I have available, both internal external, I’m not seeing a reference to any outages. This is most likely related to a network issue either local to you or relating to a wider area, such as the back-bone that the ISP uses. This is even more likely if you haven’t had any further issues.

That being said, I’m happy to check with an internal team to make sure that we aren’t missing anything. Just to confirm the time that this happened was: 12/20/2020 10:30 GMT+0 is that correct? I’ll have our internal team check against that timestamp if so.


Hi Max,

Thanks for taking the time to look at this information. The timing of the outage was “10:30 - 11:00 GMT Europe, Ireland” on Dec 20th 2020.

It would not have been a Local Internet Issue.
Unlikely to be a ISP Issue (several users around the world experienced same issue)

I will check with colleagues to see where in the World those people were.

Hopefully we can narrow down the issue, to at least know what the cause of this was.


Thanks for sharing more info about the timing of the issue.

Please let us know if you see this issue again. :slight_smile:


Hi Tommy & Max,

I can confirm the issue occured in India & Ireland on 20th Dec @ 10:30 GMT.


Hey @darragh.duffy,

Thank you for the update. I haven’t been able to find any information that would correlate with the outage you’ve seen either through our internal logs, public outages, or information posted by ISPs. From here, it’s difficult to provide a root cause for the issue. If you encounter this again and are able to provide any more detail we are happy to continue the investigation from there.


thanks both. Understood that makes sense. I knew it would be difficult to determine a root cause it. We have this at least documented to this point and I will come back if we see this issue again.

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Thanks @darragh.duffy , please do let us know if you see this issue again. :slight_smile:


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